About TRIP

Founded in 1971, TRIP is a private nonprofit organization that researches, evaluates and distributes economic and technical data on surface transportation issues.  TRIP promotes transportation policies that help relieve traffic congestion and its impact on air quality, improve road and bridge conditions, make surface travel safer, and enhance economic productivity. TRIP is sponsored by insurance companies, equipment manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, businesses involved in highway and transit engineering and construction, labor unions, and organizations concerned with an efficient and safe surface transportation network that promotes economic development and quality of life.

Our Vision

To be the essential source of strategic messaging achieved through innovation and collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve sustainable transportation infrastructure funding.

Our Mission

TRIP is a credible source of data and information for a diverse group of transportation stakeholders; delivers news and social media coverage of transportation issues and messages; and, informs and promotes discussion of policies that improve the movement of goods and people, make surface travel safer, and enhance economic development and productivity.

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    Relieve Traffic Congestion
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    Improve Air Quality
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    Improve Road and Bridge Conditions
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    Make Surface Travel Safer


TRIP is a national transportation research group that is made up of individuals that are passionate about uncovering and finding solutions for America's transportation challenges. We work with researchers, transportation advocacy groups, media, and governments across the country to address these issues and provide better roadways for all citizens.

  • David Kearby Executive Director

    Dave Kearby was named executive director of TRIP in January 2020. Dave brings experience in the surface transportation field, having served with the Associated General Contractors of Washington for more than a decade as well as chair and board member of TRANSAction, one of Washington State’s first regional transportation partnerships. Besides managing the day-to-day operations of TRIP, Dave serves as a spokesperson to the news media.

    Dave has a graduate degree in Business Administration from Auburn University, is a graduate of Central Washington University and is a Certified Association Executive.

  • Lisa Templeton Deputy Executive Director

    Since joining TRIP in 1985, Lisa has been involved in all aspects of the organization. As deputy executive director, she manages TRIP’s marketing and corporate fundraising and represents TRIP at industry meetings and events. Lisa is also an integral part of TRIP’s administration and program teams. She serves as chief editor of all research reports, news releases, print and internet materials, and writes news releases, occasional reports and industry trade publication articles. Lisa is also involved in TRIP’s day to day administration, including budgeting and finance.

    Lisa holds two undergraduate degrees from St. Michael’s College, Vermont. She is a member of the American Society of Association Executives and the Association for Fundraising Professionals, and a past board member of the National Capital Area Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.

  • Rocky Moretti Director of Policy & Research

    Rocky Moretti has been with TRIP since 1992, where he researches, writes and edits numerous state and national reports and is often cited by local and national media in numerous transportation stories.

    In 2007 Rocky served on the Blue Ribbon Panel of Transportation Experts, which was selected by the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission to inform their deliberations over the future of the nation’s surface transportation policy. The Commission was appointed by Congress in 2005 to review the nation’s surface transportation needs and funding options and propose new long-term surface transportation policy for the U.S.

    Rocky also served from 1998 to 2002 as the executive director of the Alliance for Clean Air and Transportation, a coalition of transportation and environmental groups formed by the US EPA and US DOT to help promote actions that could result in cleaner air and reduced traffic congestion.

  • Carolyn Bonifas Kelly Director of Communications and Research

    As TRIP's director of communications and research, Carolyn Bonifas Kelly prepares and edits a variety of reports on surface transportation issues including road and bridge conditions, traffic congestion, highway safety and economic development. Carolyn also coordinate's TRIP's outreach and response to local and national media regarding a host of transportation-related topics. Carolyn began her career with TRIP in 2002. She holds bachelor's degrees in political science and communication studies from the University of Iowa and a master's degree in public communication from American University.

  • Georgina Onofre Controller, Director of Operations

    As TRIP’s controller/director of operations, Georgina Onofre is responsible for the day to day accounting and financial activities of TRIP. Gina also maintains and oversees the day to day administrative functions of the TRIP office and maintains and updates TRIP’s website for marketing and program purposes.

    Gina has been with TRIP since 1993, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of the District of Columbia.

  • William Wilkins Executive Director Emeritus

    Will Wilkins joined TRIP in 1984 as deputy executive director and served as executive director from 1987 to 2020 when he was named executive director emeritus. During Will’s tenure, TRIP prepared and distributed national, state and regional reports on a variety of surface transportation issues in all 50 states – more than 600 in all.

    Will has a graduate degree in Public Relations Management from The American University in Washington, D.C. and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport.

  • Penny Hill Western Regional Manager

    Penny Hill has worked in news, public information, and public relations for more than 30 years. As TRIP's Western Regional Manager based in Sacramento, she has helped better roads groups in California and several other western states define research reports that highlight the states' most critical transportation problems, develop messages, and reach out to news media for coverage of TRIP programs in those states. Her writing expertise ranges from industry white papers to news releases and op-eds. Penny holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Stanford University.