The Road Information Program (TRIP®) is a nonprofit highway transportation research organization supported by voluntary contributions from companies and organizations involved in the highway construction industry. TRIP began operations in 1968 under joint funding from the Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (now the Association of Equipment Manufacturers) and the American Road Builders Association (now the American Road & Transportation Builders Association).

TRIP’s main objective is to generate widespread public concern about the need for continued reconstruction and improvement of America’s system of roads and bridges.

In 1971 TRIP was incorporated as an independent, 501 (c) (6) nonprofit organization with bylaws and a board of directors that included contractors, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, surety bond producers and others. TRIP is currently governed by a 80 + member board of directors and has a staff of six.

Institutional advertising, using state capital newspapers, television and radio networks, special films and tapes constituted the bulk of the TRIP campaign in the early years. In 1973, TRIP changed tactics and undertook an intensive nationwide campaign using various public relations techniques to expand the audience for TRIP’s messages.

TRIP’s national program publicizes issues that are national in scope. TRIP’s strategic communications campaign analyzes and publicizes issues of importance to the highway construction industry.

TRIP’s grassroots programs publicize issues and messages important to its state sponsor groups. TRIP prepares customized reports that are released at news conferences in order to provide a forum for its state sponsors to get their messages in the news media. Since it began operations, TRIP has produced hundreds of reports and has conducted programs in all states.

TRIP does not lobby. Since 1971, TRIP has built a reputation with the news media and the public as a credible source for information concerning our nation’s roads and bridges.