Broadcast News Coverage | February 2019

Examples of Social Media Activity | February 2019

Office of the Governor Kay Ivey Press Release | 02/27/2019
Governor Ivey Announces Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan

The Tuscaloossa News Front Page | 02/26/2019
Poor road conditions cost drivers, report says

The Anniston Star Front Page | 02/27/2019
Study claims bad roads cost Anniston drivers hundreds of dollars per year

Birmingham WBRC (FOX 6) | 02/26/2019
New traffic report shows how much money drivers are losing on Birmingham…

Birmingham WBHM 90.3 FM (NPR) | 02/25/2019
Report Highlights Alabama’s Poor Roads as Officials Consider the ‘T Word’

Birmingham Business Journal | 02/25/2019
Report: Bad roads cost Bham drivers

Birmingham Business journal | 03/07/2019
Stakes high for business in Alabama infrastructure plan

Huntsville WHNT (CBS 19) | 02/27/2019
Ivey proposes 10-cent gas tax increase to pay for road improvements

Huntsville WZDX (FOX) | 02/26/2019
Drivers losing money by traveling on unsafe roads

Huntsville WAAY (ABC 31) | 02/27/2019
Gov. Kay Ivey Pushes 10-Cent Gas Tax Hike to Pay for Roads

Mobile WALA (FOX 10) – 1 of 2 | 02/27/2019
How much are Alabamians currently spending on gas taxes and where is that…

Mobile WALA (FOX 10) – 2 of 2 | 02/27/2019
Governor Ivey proposes 10-cent gas tax increase

Mobile WPMI (NBC 15) | 02/26/2019
Mobile mayor supports raising gas tax

Mobile WKRG (CBS 5) | 02/27/2019
Governor Kay Ivey releases plan to rebuild Alabama’s infrastructure

Montgomery WAKA (CBS 8) | 02/25/2019
Report Says Montgomery Drivers are Losing Money on the Roadways

Montgomery WSFA (NBC 12) | 02/25/2019
Report: Montgomery drivers losing money on local roadways

Montgomery Advertiser | 02/26/2019
Road study touted by Montgomery officials highlights emerging special-interest…

Selma Times-Journal | 02/27/2019
Ivey Announces Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan

Alabama Political Reporter | 02/28/2019
BCA commends Gov. Ivey’s infrastructure plan

The Houma Courier | 02/26/2019
Poor road conditions cost drivers, report says | 02/25/2019
Alabama’s roads cost drivers about $5.3 billion a year | 02/26/2019
‘Generational opportunity’ or tax concern? A final push before Ivey releases road…| 02/28/2019
10 cent gas tax increase proposal in Alabama: What you need to know

Yellowhammer News | 02/26/2019
Report: Inadequate infrastructure costs average Alabama driver over $1,300…

Transport Topics | 02/25/2019
Alabama’s Deteriorating Roads Cost Drivers $5.3 Billion a Year, Report Says