• Baton Rouge The Advocate | 04/15/2021
    This is how much gas — and money — you waste sitting in Louisiana traffic, study says
  • The Shreveport Times | 04/15/2021
    Study says road and bridge conditions in Shreveport costing drivers more than $2K per year
  • Baton Rouge WAFB 9 News (CBS) | 04/15/2021
    New report from transportation research group shows Baton Rouge will need a lot of work, extra funding for roads

  • Louisiana Radio Network | 04/14/2021
    Motorists in Louisiana lose $7.6 billion a year due to poor roads and bridges
  • BIZ New Orleans | 04/15/2021
    Report: Bad Roads Cost N.O. Motorists $2,400 Annually
  • Rock Products | 04/14/2021
    Louisiana Roads and Bridges Need Major Investment
  • Site-K Construction Zone | 04/14/2021
    TRIP Reports: Louisiana Motorists Lose $7.6 Billion per Year on Roads that are Rough, Congested & Lack Some Desirable Safety Features